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The Yousers

By Brian Shaer | July 28, 2020

In these times of social upheaval and economic uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that good old-fashioned trashy movies are still around to distract us from the misery that permeates our everyday. Unlike film noir, truly trashy movies don’t pretend to harbor any societal subtext. Tacky movies like The Yousers are trashy for trashy’s sake.

Of course, it helps if said trashy movie has the courage of its trashy convictions.

The entertainment industry has long been a source for salacious storylines (Valley of the Dolls, The Lonely Lady, Showgirls), so The Yousers won’t win any points for originality. Don Snipes plays Dre, a hotshot talent agent with a comfortable home life with his wife, Mariah (Lulu Dahl), and young son, Noland (Noland Brown).

“Dre is having some trouble with his star client, past-her-prime diva, Francis Klien.”

Dre is having some trouble with his star client, past-her-prime diva, Francis Klien (Deborah Chenault Green). In an attempt to placate his client, Dre offers himself up as Mrs. Klien’s arm candy, a temporary distraction for the tabloids. This doesn’t sit too well with Mariah, who resents being perceived as foolish.

Meanwhile, Dre and his director friend, Avery (Demaris Harvey), are shopping for costumes for their latest collaboration when they encounter fashion designer, Sidney (Alecia Jai Fears). Sidney, it turns out, has a side hustle as a stripper at a local strip club, which club features in the story as a sort of community watering hole.

Clearly, Dre, and Sidney are hot for each other and so begin the requisite affair. Mariah, rightfully suspicious that Dre’s attention is focused elsewhere after she discovers Sidney’s card in the couple’s car, surreptitiously befriends Sidney as a kind of covert entrapment scheme. In keeping with most erotic thriller love triangles, this one doesn’t end well.

The Yousers (2018)

Directed: Darren Brown

Written: Darren Brown, James Mcrae

Starring: Don Snipes, Lulu Dahl, Alecia Jai Fears, Demaris Harvey, Deborah Chenault Green, Noland Brown, Grover McCants, Rebecca Dawn, etc.

Movie score: 6/10

The Yousers Image

"…Tacky movies...are trashy for trashy’s sake."

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