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The Wedding Year

By Alex Saveliev | September 20, 2019

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Robert Luketic, the director behind Legally Blonde, Monster-in-Law, Killers and The Ugly Truth, churns out another generically-named, generic rom-com! Lo and behold, The Wedding Year may just be his most generic one yet! Audiences balk at Luketic’s audacious underestimation of their intelligence!

“Watch ‘commitment-phobic’ Mara pursue her passion in photography, despite numerous obstacles – including… love!”

Watch “commitment-phobic” Mara (Sarah Hyland) pursue her passion in photography, despite numerous obstacles – including… love! Watch the pot-smoking (gasp!) young woman’s stiff upper lip soften under the gaze of aspiring chef Jake (Tyler James Williams)! Watch the two fall in passionate love, as a garish EDM soundtrack swells to glorious backdrops of a sun-soaked Los Angeles!

“It takes more than love to make a marriage work.” Does Mara really believe in those words, a.k.a. the film’s central theme, pronounced over and over again? When Mara attends a series of marriages with Jake, is her commitment-phobia put to the ultimate test? How is the encounter with Jake’s highly-religious, Virginia-based (double-gasp!) parents (Keith David and Wanda Sykes) going to affect Mara’s decisions? All great questions…for those who have never seen a rom-com before in their lives.

The Wedding Year (2019)

Directed: Robert Luketic

Written: Donald Diego

Starring: Sarah Hyland, Tyler James Williams, Jenna Dewan, Matt Shively, Anna Camp, Keith David, Wanda Sykes, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

The Wedding Year Image

"…It never transcends its sitcom roots, coasting by thanks to the...charm of its cast."

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  1. Sam says:

    Wow, this trashy written article is…wait for it…breaking news: not true and probably written by someone that has never been in love. If you want to state your opinion then that’s fine; just preface it with the fact that you are bitter and lack basic human decency.

    • Rebecca says:

      I just watched the movie and I have to say I agree with every word in this review. I watched it with my 18yo daughter and she groaned at every line. If this sitcoms version of love is what you think “love” is, then your head is in the clouds.

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