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The Stamp Collector

By Alan Ng | January 7, 2022

In writer/director Luke Momo’s sci-fi short, The Stamp Collector, a thief gets more than he bargained for with his artificially intelligent partner. David Alvarez (most recently seen in West Side Story) plays a small-time thief who creates a digital partner-in-crime through artificial intelligence rather than trusting a corruptible human partner.

The thief wants out of his partnership, but X will not allow it.”

The Stamp Collector occurs in that moment of crisis between the thief and his A.I. partner, X. The thief wants out of his partnership, but X will not allow it. As the thief takes steps to detach himself from his creation, X has other plans. Quickly, the thief finds himself in a battle of wits for survival.

You know there’s a bigger story beyond The Stamp Collector, and Momo successfully creates that moment when his protagonist’s A.I. creation takes a life of its own. He does it all with low-budget sci-fi production values and thrilling storytelling. The filmmaker builds the proper tension of man vs. machine in just over eight minutes by showing the extreme lengths his hero went to in order to create his dangerous program. Then we are given a glimpse into what his A.I. was doing behind his back.

To learn more, see The Stamp Collector on Vimeo.

The Stamp Collector (2021)

Directed and Written: Luke Momo

Starring: David Alvarez, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Stamp Collector Image

"…builds the proper tension of man vs. machine..."

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