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The Special

By Alan Ng | January 31, 2020

If someone hands you a bag of gold, you have been given a great responsibility, and best you not waste it. For director B. Harrison Smith and writers James Newman and Mark Steenslan, the gift they were given is to find thrilling inspiration from SNL’s Dick-In-The Box sketch and turn it into a truly horrifying movie experience. So simple an idea with so much potential, and the final product is The Special. Found treasure? Or a wasted opportunity?

Poor Jerry (Davy Raphaely) just found out that his wife, Lisa (Sarah French), may be having an affair. Fortunately, Jerry’s best friend, Mike (Dave Sheridan), is there to help Jerry take his mind off his sorrow to a local bordello for the most fabulous sexual experience he’s ever had. This promise comes by way of The Special.

“As would any normal man, Jerry sticks his dick in the hole and experiences one of the greatest sensations in his life.”

Led upstairs by Madame Zhora (Susan Moses), Jerry is locked in a room with a mysterious wooden box with a hole on the side and the words “Stick It In Here,” pointing to said hole. As would any normal man, Jerry sticks his dick in the hole and experiences one of the greatest sensations in his life. Indescribable. Jerry is one of the few who’ve experienced The Special.

Soon Jerry returns home to an icy welcome from Lisa, Jerry is unable to shake The Special as he recalls Mike’s warning, “once is enough” and Madame Zhora exclaiming he can never return.
Jerry is now obsessed and must have the special for himself. He sneaks back into the bordello, steals The Special, murders Madame Zhora, who catches him trying to take it and hides the dick box in a sleazy motel room. While studying the box, Jerry begins scooping out a strange ooze, that works like topical Viagra. Rubbing the slime on his willy, Jerry has yet another mind-blowing something…an orgasm, I suppose.

Jerry bottles the ooze and takes it home. In bed, Lisa catches him pleasuring himself and insists then and there to have sex with him. Lisa has a great time with Jerry, but Jerry is still focused on the ooze and The Special. Jerry is not going down a dangerous spiral and finally decides to open the box and see what The Special is once and for all.
Sex and horror have always been great partners in film. Merely having sex can cause any person to let go of themselves mentally and emotionally. Then there’s the craving and hunger for sex, both emotions that will make an average person do anything to get it. Then the need for increasing intensity each time one has sex. You can see its application to almost any film genre, particularly horror.

The Special (202)

Directed: B. Harrison Smith

Written: James Newman, Mark Steensland

Starring: Davy Raphaely, Dave Sheridan, Sarah French, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Special Image

"…begins scooping out a strange ooze, that works like topical Viagra."

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  1. Jim Laws says:

    I’m looking for a movie I watched quite similar to this, only he begins having such intense orgasms that the box, his body, and soon the office isn’t big enough to contain it. Thing’s continue to spiral until everyone wants some of his fluids (putting it nicely) including Adam Sandler, Angus Young, and Lamb of God. All playing to the same song from the beginning. I believe it’s originally a rap song that has the lyrics: Do it like a rock star. Pa chi, pa chi, pa ni ni (then I forget the rest) but it had me laughing so hard I had tears dropping from my chin 🤣😂 I want to rewatch it so badly, and get those gut busting laughs. There’s a big Russian caretaker part like Henderson in this movie, as well as a black Fed looking for them due to a blown robbery that they were supposed to do, before being sidetracked by the box. Please help me find this movie !!

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