Yet more blood curdling weirdness from our main man in Vegas. No, not Wayne Newton. Ron Atkins, cinematic outlaw behind such brutalities as Schizophreniac: The W***e Mangler and Dark Night of the Soul. With this short subject, the government and an elite society called the Illuminati are under attack. And with this line from the film’s writer and star, John Brodie – “The Illuminati have f****d with us for years. Today, we f**k back.” – we are well on our way to a world of hate.

“The Sins of Government” is split into two different, but very similar segments. Both deal with your common man being degraded and ultimately dehumanized by the powers that be. In “Rites of the Illuminati,” a secret society of lizard people coax a desperate man into doing their evil bidding – the capture of certain civilians for weird, evil experiments. And in “Ultra,” a young woman is captured, tortured, raped, brainwashed and ultimately driven to murder and suicide. Some will appreciate the similarities with a little known film from the 70s called Last House on Dead End Street, while others will appreciate the similarities with the atrocities that the Republican party commits on a daily basis.

Not to worry. Ron Atkins hasn’t gone all political preachy on us, not entirely anyway. Besides, if he did, then “The Sins of Government” would be a major waste of time as we all know that the planet is overrun by evil lizard people bent on world domination. No, this political backdrop serves more as a springboard for more of Ron Atkins’ own brand of over-the-top depravity. If you like watching people being beaten down, broken and completely destroyed, then take a break from watching the news for a bit and give this a try.

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  1. gloria blinn says:

    This guy Ron Atkins was ahead of his time
    As i look at what is going on 2020 he wrote about all that is going now .Pure genius !!! I can’t say more about what this guy has done and no ones talking about what he wrote .

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