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The Roommate

By Bobby LePire | February 3, 2022

Written and directed by Curtis Pollock, The Roommate should not be confused for the dozens of other films with that same title. This neo-noir mystery follows Alexis (Danielle Evon Ploeger), who longs to move to Austin. In her desperation, Alexis chooses a room in a house sight unseen. She coordinates everything online with her new roommate, Brenda.

In her excitement, Alexis drives straight through and arrives early. So early, in fact, that Brenda’s former roommate, Carol (Kelsey Pribilski), has not totally moved out yet. As Alexis settles in over the next day, Brenda never shows up to the house. This concerns the new Texas resident, so Alexis goes to a few different places, such as a moving company and a bar, to try and find her.

“As Alexis settles in over the next day, Brenda never shows up…”

Despite meeting a few people who know her, such as ex-boyfriend Derek (Nick W. Nicholson), Alexis cannot find anyone aware of her current whereabouts. But, she does meet Eric (Johnny Mars), with who she has instant chemistry. Now, the duo searches together, but Eric and Brenda run in unsavory circles, threatening to destroy Alexis’ newfound life.

If you were to watch all but the final 10 minutes (maybe slightly less) of The Roommate, you’d be treated to an engaging neo-noir full of intrigue and hallucinatory imagery. Charlie Pearce’s cinematography is outstanding, capturing the mystery with amazing use of light and shadow as well as mirroring the protagonist’s state of mind with trippy visuals that bend and fold in on themselves. For an independent production, Pollock puts all his resources on the screen.

The script establishes Alexis and her predicament swiftly and engagingly. To be honest, in exploring themes of starting out, trying to find who you are, and questioning your surroundings and/or sanity, Pollock’s feature-length narrative debut is the movie Last Night In Soho ultimately failed to be (seriously, the plotholes in that flick are big enough to fit multiple galaxies). Alexis is a strong, interesting protagonist who you’ll want to help unravel the mystery.

The Roommate (2022)

Directed and Written: Curtis Pollock

Starring: Danielle Evon Ploeger, Johnny Mars, Nick W. Nicholson, Kelsey Pribilski, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Roommate Image

"…the movie Last Night In Soho ultimately failed to be..."

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