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The Recruit

By Alan Ng | April 29, 2023

In director Bao Truong and writer Christina Connerton’s short film, The Recruit, Connerton plays Kat, a serial people pleasure, on her way to interview for a job-recruitment company. When she arrives at the offices of Intrinsic Recruiting, everything appears to be what she expected. However, it is not.

Kat’s appointment is with Athena, but first things first, the application. Unlike your typical application, the questions asked are, “What is the greatest gift you can give to the world?” “What are you a champion of?” and “When have you felt most powerful?” Then Kat notices the odd make-up choices of the office receptionist (Tryphena Wade… or was it Brittany Carel), and what’s with the crying child? All Kat wants is a job, but what she’s stumbled into is a cult.


“All Kat wants is a job, but what she’s stumbled into is a cult.”

As stated in the credits, The Recruit is inspired by actual events. I’m going to guess WeWorks here. Filmmakers Truong and Connerton create a surreal world for Kat to fall into. Truong creates an effective psychological thriller which slowly evolves into a music video for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s hit song, Barenaked.

The Recruit is weird and fun. The story is engaging because it’s constantly keeping you on your toes with what happens next. Seriously, all Kat wants is a job, but she’s slowly being indoctrinated into a higher plane of thought where the “work works for her.”

The Recruit (2023)

Directed: Bao Truong

Written: Christina Connerton

Starring: Christina Connerton, Tryphena Wade, Brittany Carel, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Recruit Image

"…weird and fun."

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