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The Power Agent

By Alan Ng | June 14, 2021

She smiles right before she kills you. For actors, that’s the type of person you want representing you, and Mark Atkinson’s short film, The Power Agent, shows you why. This quick comedic short opens with Mark (Mark Atkinson) showing up at this buddy’s (Jeff Krapf) place to see Charlie (Charlie Krapf), his wise-way-beyond-her-years six-year-old agent.

“…to see Charlie, his wise-way-beyond-her-years six-year-old agent.”

The Power Agent runs a brisk six minutes and does two things that I like in comedy shorts. First, it gets right to the point and doesn’t belabor the premise. Second, there’s a joke/homage to a classic film, and it presents the joke without calling itself out as a joke. I have high respect and admiration for comedies that treat their audience with respect and rightly assume we’ll “get it.”

Atkinson’s The Power Agent is fun and funny and squeezes all the cuteness it can get out of young Charlie Krapf’s cinematic debut. I can only imagine her performance if she hadn’t squandered the past five years being a kid.

The Power Agent (2020)

Directed and Written: Mark Atkinson

Starring: Mark Atkinson, Jeff Krapf, Charlie Krapf, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Power Agent Image

"…fun and funny and squeezes all the cuteness it can get..."

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