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The Porcelains

By Alan Ng | July 24, 2020

Adolescence is where our social, emotional, and physical development of our life is laid out. Our experiences and interpretation of those experiences become a “choose your own adventure” story to the person we become, and for a young Bianca, her adventure leads her to become an obsessive sociopath in Shelby Scheuchi and Jacob Sizemore’s short film, The Porcelains.

The Porcelains opens in high school as Bianca (Kiani Stone) laments to her best friend, Molly (Alicia Underwood), about how they once wanted to be friends with the popular Whitney (Amber Flores) and her perfect teeth. Bianca feels she was never accepted because of her wretched teeth. Not everyone can have a father, who’s a famous cosmetic dentist, like Whitney.

“Bianca feels she was never accepted because of her wretched teeth.”

Depression and desire lead to obsession as Bianca is dead set on making an indelible impression on Whitney. Bianca begins to perform oral surgery on herself before moving on to prettier prey. Writer Scheuchi effectively sets up Bianca’s world and drives it to a logical and satisfying conclusion.

What I love about The Porcelains is how it tells the origin story of Mean Girls “predator.” The short is meant to be a satire of the high school clique dynamic. It boasts a cool, upbeat soundtrack, and Stone’s narrative is a good touch. The ending offers a creepy moment to remember involving blood and teeth and, better yet, anticipation of Bianca’s future exploits—leave ‘em wanting more.

The Porcelains (2019)

Directed: Jacob Sizemore

Written: Shelby Scheuchl

Starring: Kiani Stone, Amber Flores, Alicia Underwood, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Porcelains Image

"…tells the origin story of Mean Girls 'predator.'"

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