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By Chris Salce | February 1, 2022

SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2022 REVIEW! In the span of 14 minutes, directors Storm Smith and Mikail Chowdhury tackle a complex subject in The Multi. The drama centers on a deaf woman, Amara (writer Natasha Ofili), whose childhood trauma begins to surface now that she is an adult. She faces her trauma face-to-face (literally) as she gets to the root of her mental state.

As a child, Amara had an unfortunate incident with her father, which led her to live a life of secrecy. She never told anybody what happened for many years. Then one day, on a video chat with her sister, Amara unknowingly lets her secret slip out. But, when she finds out that her sister already knows her secret, Amara becomes even more distant from her family and attempts to discover the source of the trauma herself.

“…Amara unknowingly lets her secret slip out.”

Mental health is a very serious, complex issue. As such, it might seem odd that a short film uses it as its basis. However, despite not having a lengthy runtime, The Multi sheds light on how childhood trauma can affect your whole life, and if not treated, the issues will pile on to create disorders in the long run. With that being said, the plot itself may not be as clear as it could have been if this were a feature film.

The Multi is a well-shot short film with lots to say and not enough time to say it. I would like to see this particular story fleshed out more because I feel that the topic is, unfortunately, a very common issue in the real world, and it needs to be talked about more in society. I admire the drama for having a taboo subject as its basis. I also commended the cast and crew for being inclusive by having a deaf woman be the center of the story. I have noticed that more roles are opening up in the industry for actors with disabilities. The Multi is not afraid to be different, and that is good.

The Multi screened at the 2022 Slamdance Film Festival.

The Multi (2022)

Directed: Storm Smith, Mikail Chowdhury

Written: Natasha Ofili

Starring: Natasha Ofili, Lakeishia Grant, Jonah Platt, etc.

Movie score: 6.5/10

The Multi Image

"…a well-shot short film with lots to say..."

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