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The Lost Weekend

By Alan Ng | July 19, 2023

In writer-director Charles Norton’s short film, The Lost Weekend, he attempts to define the term “Manhood” for a young man on a beach trip with friends just before starting college in the fall. Three best buds, the socially awkward James (Brenden Egan), confident ladies’ man Nick (Henry Lynch), and the even-tempered Dylan (Mathew Ray), are getting ready for a party at a Cape Cod, They’ve rented out a beach home for the weekend.

James’s first test of manhood is jumping off an easy bridge into the water. Nick and Dylan have no problem diving in, but James thinks better of it and walks to the house. This sign of indecision is noticed by a trio of girls, one being Caroline (Chloe Lang), who may be interested in James. Knowing this, Nick invites the girls to a party, and the trio is certain they’re going to get laid.

The Lost Weekend is about James. He’s a shy high school graduate who uses his religious upbringing as an excuse for still being a virgin. This trip was designed for James to lose his virginity, but he is having second thoughts, which prompts the aggressive Nick to question his sexuality. Filmmaker Norton’s tale is not a no-hold-barred teen sex romp but an honest reflection on manhood and maturity as James crosses from teen to adult. Is losing one’s virginity the final bridge to cross into manhood? In the case of James, what are the emotional ramifications of simply doing the deed?

“…a shy high school graduate who uses his religious upbringing as an excuse for still being a virgin.”

Though the plot sounds like a crazy sex romp, this is a thoughtful take on the subject. Egan gives an authentic performance as the shy teen who wants something so bad but wants to get it in the right way. Playing counter to James is Lynch as Nick, the stereotypical jock who doesn’t play him stereotypically.

Norton’s choice of a beach house setting is simple and beautiful. The location is perfect for capturing the emotion and thrills of this coming-of-age story. The casting and acting are top-notch, with ideal staging. The Lost Weekend could undoubtedly expand into a feature film with an independent flair.

Losing one’s virginity for many is a rite of passage, and all you have to do is get it done. For others, it’s a sacred rite of passage, where it’s about doing it right. The Lost Weekend is a thoughtful film that will resonate with us “others.”

For more information, visit The Lost Weekend‘s official Instagram page.

The Lost Weekend (2023)

Directed and Written: Charlie Norton

Starring: Brendan Egan, Chloe Lang, Henry Lynch, Mathew Ray, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

The Lost Weekend Image

"…casting and acting are top-notch..."

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