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The Legend Of El Chupacabra

By Bobby LePire | May 15, 2024

Rob Mabry makes his feature-length debut as a writer and director with The Legend Of El Chupacabra. The comedic creature feature follows Pete (Sam Pierce), who doesn’t have many friends and only one hobby. Said hobby is investigating and trying to prove that the cryptozoological creature Chupacabra is real. His obsession stems from the fact that his small town sees a slew of inexplicable deaths every four years that are so brutal that regular animals can’t carry them out.

The revelation that Pete’s boss is about to close up the diner for good motivates the young man to act. He calls upon his oldest friend, Danny (Aiden Figueroa), to fulfill their childhood oath to find proof of the Chupacabra, and get the reward money. The problem is that the two haven’t spoken in years. Happenstance sees the third member of their childhood gang return home thanks to an internship. Bailey (Presley Weber) is eager to help, as it’ll make an excellent story for the news channel she’s at. However, several obstacles stand in their way, with the biggest one being rival hunters out for the reward money themselves.

The Legend Of El Chupacabra is a very funny film, but it is not especially scary or creepy. Mabry leans heavily into the comedy, with only one, maybe two, scenes offering the associated chills and tension of a creature feature. That may irk some diehard genre fans, but on the humor front, this delivers more often than not. Danny recounts how Pete faints at the sight of blood, which is amusing. The discussion of the good and bad things Bailey has done throughout the years is also very humorous.

“…fulfill their childhood oath to find proof of the Chupacabra, and get the reward money.”

Unfortunately, not every joke lands or is necessary. The use of a girl scouts troop feels forced and just kills time. The one time they return goes nowhere. Also, the ultimate reason behind everything is merely meh. There’s not enough time given to the reveal for it to begin to make sense. However, the final joke involving Pete’s job and the diner is hilarious.

The Legend Of El Chupacabra does feature some stellar practical effects. The Chupacabra looks excellent with its long limbs and vicious fangs. The various cuts, wounds, bruises, etc., all look truly painful and messed up. For an indie production, this sports an impressive array of viscera, and it all looks swell.

The Legend Of El Chupacabra is fun and funny, even if every joke doesn’t land. The sheer abundance of comedic bits makes up for the lack of true horror. The cast works well, and the practical effects are a real stand-out. Overall, this is a fun watch, especially if someone loves new takes on the cryptozoological creatures that have captured so many imaginations over the years.

The Legend Of El Chupacabra (2024)

Directed and Written: Rob Mabry

Starring: Sam Pierce, Aiden Figueroa, Presley Weber, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Legend Of El Chupacabra Image

"…fun and funny..."

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