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The Last Deal

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | March 23, 2023

NOW ON VOD! We are heading straight down Shakedown Street at 100 MPH in writer/director Jonathan Salemi’s cannabis crime picture, The Last Deal. Based on true events, the film starts in 2015 in Los Angeles, just prior to marijuana being legalized for recreational use. Vincent (Anthony Molinari), a guy in his 40s from back East, started as a cannabis grower five years ago and now owns a dispensary. He lives high off the hemp hog with a fancy shop that can’t keep weed on the shelves.

To restock, a warehouse in town grows some killer s**t run by Franko (Orion McCabe). If Vincent needs some serious weight, he has his pilot, Carter (Kenny Johnston), fly him to Humboldt County or one of the desert dope fields. There Vincent can buy wholesale weed and fly back by lunch. His business is going so well that Vincent hires Bobby (Mister Fitzgerald) to help keep track of all the delivery drivers and supplier accounts.

“…Vincent asks Bobby to set up a meeting with the Boss. The loan shark sets up some very steep terms…”

And then The Last Deal brings in reality. The freewheeling medical herb market is wrecked by voter-approved full legalization and the rise of state regulation. Vincent’s high time quickly falls, taking him from the clover to stems and seeds. Eighteen months after legalization, Vincent is reduced to only delivering because he can’t get a permit for a location. He has to bribe a shady weed inspector (Clark Moore) to get his black market inventory approved for sale.

Things are also getting tense between Vincent and his old lady, Tabitha (Jeffri Lauren), because of how bleak everything is. Bobby knows some Armenians who have two hundred pounds of primo illegal Humboldt weed they are asking only $100,000 for. The profit made of this load would be enough to save Vincent’s business and then some. To get that amount, Vincent asks Bobby to set up a meeting with the Boss (Sala Baker). The loan shark sets up some very steep terms with just a week to pay back, with Vincent’s delivery permit on the line as collateral. For this last deal, Vincent needs everything to go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, the weather forecast calls for scattered hitches throughout the night.

The Last Deal (2023)

Directed and Written: Jonathan Salemi

Starring: Anthony Molinari, Jeffri Lauren, Mister Fitzgerald, Sala Baker, Orion McCabe, Kenny Johnston, Clark Moore, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

The Last Deal Image

"…just like Goodfellas, except on weed!"

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