By Mark Bell | August 11, 2012

The Lady ParaNorma is a brilliant, ghostly, short animated film by filmmaker Vincent Marcone. The tale of the eccentric Lady ParaNorma, whose sensitivity to the sounds of ghosts has made her an outcast in her hometown, showcases a unique animation style that is both comfortingly realistic while being obviously artistic and hyper-real.

At only four minutes long, to say much more would be to say too much, so instead I’ll just express that, not surprisingly, the story of Lady ParaNorma is a dark and tragic one from one perspective, but actually hopeful and beautiful in yet another regard. All around a hauntingly gorgeous, poetic and impressive short film, worth watching if you have the opportunity.

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  1. Mark Bell says:

    You could check over at the film’s Facebook page (, see if they have any details of when or where it’ll screen next.

  2. It looks great, but it’s only 4 minutes long. Where can I see it?

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