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The Island of Siren Head

By Alan Ng | November 13, 2023

Simple, yet complex, are the two words that come to mind after watching Anthony de Lioncourt’s short horror, sci-fi mystery, The Island of Siren Head.

Our tale opens with a disabled veteran, Orson (Dillon John Collins), and veterinarian, Kimmy (Jordan Elizabeth Gelber), stepping foot on a mysterious island at the behest of the philanthropic organization known as The Obsidian Corporation.

The once thriving island is now devoid of life. All the animals have died, so Kimmy has been sent there with Orson as her protector. As the pair begins exploring the island, they come across the carcasses of various animals, including an elephant…not indigenous to this region. The stark terrain reminds Orson of the battlefield, where his entire squad died, and he was the sole survivor.

Orson and Kimmy then stumble upon an outdoor sanctuary surrounded by what appears to be archaic statues and religious artifacts. As Kimmy stands in the center, she suddenly becomes possessed by an ancient spirit.

“…stepping foot on a mysterious island at the behest of the philanthropic organization…The Obsidian Corporation…”

The Island of Siren Head is a gorgeous blend of traditional low-budget indie filmmaking combined with off-the-shelf CG effects. When the film opens, we are thrown back to sci-fi stories of the 50s and 60s. Our tale is shot in black-and-white and shot on old film stock.

The practical elements of our story are our two leads, Collins and Gelber, the island coast, and the outdoor sanctuary. Filmmaker Anthony de Lioncourt then uses CG to composite various scenes of ominous storms on the horizon, the decaying animal carcasses, and the mysterious creature in the end.

The film’s French-noir tone and style drew me to The Island of Siren Head. The story moves slowly and deliberately, particularly the discussions between Orson and Kimmy. De Lioncourt’s special effects are fun and look good from a low-budget indie standpoint. De Lioncourt’s attempts to blend old-style filmmaking with modern special effects are a little spotty, but A+ for effort. The Island of Siren Head is a short worthy to be admired, and De Lioncourt’s film and his next are worth checking out.

For more information about The Island of Siren Head, visit the Beyond the Locked Door website.

The Island of Siren Head (2023)

Directed and Written: Anthony de Lioncourt

Starring: Dillon John Collins, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

The Island of Siren Head Image

"…a short worthy to be admired, and De Lioncourt's film and whatever comes next are worth checking out."

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