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The Ice Cream Truck

By Norman Gidney | September 4, 2017

Mary moves back to her suburban hometown, to find that the suburbs are scarier in more ways than she ever remembered.

The Ice Cream Truck is not a good film. This supposed story of married woman, Mary (Deanna Russo) left to her own devices during a family move to suburbia is a plodding mess of ideas, pacing, and believability. The first signs of trouble come when Mary first meets her next-door neighbor Jessica (Hilary Barraford). During a causal first greeting we endure awkward pauses and stretches of unspoken dialogue that are meant to infer a more sinister underbelly to the perfect world Mary thought she moved into. No such luck. Nothing pays off and nothing connects. But please, let’s continue. Surely it has to get better. (Spoiler alert…)

“…what is that 50s-style ice cream truck doing in the neighborhood?”

But wait, what is that 50s-style ice cream truck doing in the neighborhood? The one operated by the Ice Cream Man (Emil Johnsen) in the movie’s only remotely interesting turn. Oh don’t pay attention to him yet.

Mary then meets with the other brightly dressed Stepford wives led by matriarch Christina (Lisa Ann Walter) who invites her over to celebrate her son’s high school graduation at a neighborhood get together. Fine. We are also introduced to the creeper Delivery Man (Jeff Daniel Phillips) who offers long, lingering stares at Mary as she goes about her business in an empty home.

STOP! Okay. Who or what are we supposed to be afraid of and when are we gonna have a reason to give a s**t?

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  1. J says:

    Well that was fass

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