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But, that is not to say The End Of Quantum Reality is without any merit. On the contrary, Thomas has directed a stylish movie. Aside from the usual talking heads portions, there are animatic style moments to visualize the theories being discussed. These scenes are lively and provide moments of lightheartedness, which is a wonderful relief from the confusing everything else going on.

She always makes sure that the introductions to the various experts are clear. There is never any disorientation about who is speaking when or why. But Thomas is only able to do so much. That is to say, the pesky business of still never comprehending what these speakers are saying is ever-present.


“…animatic style moments to visualize the theories being discussed.”

Mind you, Wolfgang Smith, Richard Delano, Hossein Nasr, and Olavo de Carvalho are all well spoken. They are clearly passionate about this subject and the ideas it represents. When sitting down together, as some of them have the chance to do, they share a most jovial repartee. There is something warm about seeing smart and passionate people be able to engage with each other in such philosophical and mathematical terms. It is almost enough to bring the overwhelming ideas and concepts down to a human level. Almost.

I wish I enjoyed The End Of Quantum Reality more than I did. While I appreciated its style and the lively nature of the interviewees, that is all the movie has to offer. Its subject matter is indescribable and bewildering. Does that make the documentary bad? Not exactly, but that does not mean it is good either.

The End Of Quantum Physics (2020)

Directed: Katheryne Thomas

Written: Rick Delano

Starring: Wolfgang Smith, Richard Delano, Hossein Nasr, Olavo de Carvalho, etc.

Movie score: 5/10

The End Of Quantum Physics Image

"…I have no idea what I was supposed to take away from the documentary."

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  1. Mark Koslow says:

    I write to a Mr. Hunter at Pittsburg science center the day the Wolfgang Smith film was shown:

    Dear mr. Hunter;

    I see that today, Jan 11th you showed the Wolfgang Smith movie, put out as part of an anti-science campaign, which you fell for. You might want to alert other venues, theatre or museums to not accept or show this bogus movie. I knew the great “genius” Dr. Smith and he is not a genius of even very smart. He says that the earth is only a few thousand years old, speculates that the earth is the center or the solar system, and excuses the proceeding against Galileo, and supports the Inquisitionist Cardinal Bellarmine, who condemned Galileo and killed Giordano Bruno. You have shown a propaganda movie for a creationist crank. You can see these atrocious attitudes in his books which I see you cannot have read, unless of course you wish to destroy the Carnegie Museum or the science center. I doubt you want to do this. My advice would be to stop showing this sort of nonsense to the public. And researching any film that is proposed to you.

    He has convinced Olavo de Carvalho of Brazil, (OC lives in Virginia,) about his theories, Carvalho is climate change and far right “thinker” himself. I don’t know if you have followed many of the awful events in Brazil but Carvalho is one of the advisors of Jair Bolsonaros who is the nominal head of Brazil. Bolsonaros should be in jail in my opinion as he put the opposition, Lulu de Silva, in jail in the last election and is currently supporting/ causing the gutting/burning of the Amazon region. Supporting Smith is thus supporting not just anti-science but right wing action of many different kinds. Carvalho is also a friend of Steve Bannon, the racist supporter of Trump, you can see the Smith and Carvalho in your film as well as Hossien Nasr and other far right thinkers. see You Tube.

    Attached you will find an essay on his books, as well as a commentary on what he actually says and does.

    Thank You
    Mark Koslow in Ohio

  2. Ingo Rautenberg says:

    Your review echoes mine succinctly – too bad the film couldn’t make it’s point (is there one?) so well.

  3. Patricia says:

    I was very interested to go see this movie when I heard about it, however, as I’ve now read the current opinions, stated here, I’ve changed my mind. I wish to thank Ms. Thomas, Mr. Delano, Mr. Smith, Mr. Nasr, and Mr. de Carvalho, and others for all their hard work and attempt to bring these very interesting, but obviously very difficult to understan, topics to us, everyday people! I wish, however, to ask fervently of these people, in case they’ve read these reviews, to please put their minds together to remake this movie to make the points presented in a much clearer and understandable way to enable most people to “get it” and enjoy it or at least leave thinking, “ I’ve learned something new about quantum physics and life!.”

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