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The Doors Between Us

By Alan Ng | December 20, 2019

Eight strangers are paired up, locked into separate rooms, and left to fend for themselves in Maximillian Aguiar’s mystery/comedy The Doors Between Us. Who are these characters? Why were they brought together? Will they get out alive?

The Doors Between Us is more comedy than mystery as each pairing consists of odd characters. Only because I don’t have a proper cast list, I’ll describe characters by the actors who play them.

First are Bill Collins and Logan Diemert. Bill is the first we see as he awakes after being heavily sedated. He finds himself locked in a bathroom of a house he doesn’t know. Looking around, he spies an arm sticking out of a shower curtain. Pulling is back is Logan Diemert’s Pasqueeno (sp?). His face is painted as a clown and strangely speaks like Jar Jar Binks. Bill, on the other hand, is sort of an all-American type and probably the most normal character in the film.

“Eight strangers are paired up, locked into separate rooms, and left to fend for themselves…”

Waseem Aad and Kathleen Hansen are our next pairing. Wassem is James, a cross-eyed man with what appears to be a New York accent. Kathleen is Betty, a sick woman who is dying as indicated by being wrapped bloody bandages around her head and arm and a chronic fake cough.

Amanda Graeff and Keltie Nylund are Jessica and Cecily, respectively. Jessica, I believe, is from the valley, and Keltie is a proper southern woman. The two are alphas, of sorts, and are continually seeking higher status over one another.

Lastly is Rich Wilhelm as drug aficionado Corey and Alex Pace as some kind of a heavy-metal dude. The pair loves their drugs, but their current states of lucidity have made them distrustful of one another.

The Doors Between Us plays out as a character study and puts either two different or similar characters in a single room, placing them in a high-stress situation (the abduction), and sees how these characters interact (like lab rats). The film cuts from pair to pair as the reasons behind their imprisonment is revealed later.

The Doors Between Us (2019)

Directed and Written: Maximillian Aguiar

Starring: Logan Diemert, Amanda Graeff, Alex Pace, Rich Willhelm, Waseem Aad, Kathleen Hansen, Keltie Nylund, Bill Collins, etc.

Movie score: 4/10

The Doors Between Us Image

"…His face is painted as a clown and strangely speaks like Jar Jar Binks."

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