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The Dead Driver

By Alan Ng | January 2, 2023

Ask the question, where do we go when we die, and you’ll get many answers. One of those answers comes by way of director Rachel Jacob and writer Michelle L. Silva’s short film, The Dead Driver.

Our story centers on a young girl, Sasha (Gracie Silva), who died due to a respiratory ailment. Her parents are understandably distraught over their precious daughter’s passing. Soon the call goes out to Bernie (Lance E. Nichols), whose occupation is to drive the deceased to the funeral. Bernie has a secret, which makes him perfect for the job. He can communicate with the recently departed. Like her parents, Bernie is saddened by the death of someone so young, but Sasha has great wisdom for the dead, as she has lived many lives.

The Dead Driver is about the conversation between Sasha and Bernie. Though Bernie can speak with the dead, he’s never asked questions about the afterlife. Having been reincarnated many times, Sasha finds joy in each passing, learning new lessons and evolving to be a better person. Sasha’s joy comes in stark contrast to her parents’ grief.

“…Bernie is saddened by the death of someone so young, but Sasha has great wisdom for the dead, as she has lived many lives.”

Though I personally am not a believer in reincarnation, what I appreciate about The Dead Driver is that it flat-out states its beliefs regarding death. There’s no beating around the bush while making an earnest attempt to find joy and meaning in this life and the next.

Shot in New Orleans, the marsh exteriors are green and gorgeous. The scene in Bernie’s hearse was filmed using LED screens to mimic the gritty city streets.

The Dead Driver is a beautiful film, particularly for a low-budget indie. Jacob pieces together a thoughtful story from Silva’s script producing a well-rounded short film in the end.

For more information about The Dead Driver, visit the Entertainment Goes website.

The Dead Driver (2022)

Directed: Rachel Jacob

Written: Michelle L. Silva

Starring: Gracie Silva, Lance E. Nichols, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

The Dead Driver Image

"…it flat-out states its beliefs regarding death."

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