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Tank Commander

By Alan Ng | October 5, 2021

Lockdown and the pandemic have not been easy for most of us. It put a strain on our financial resources and radically affected our relationships across the board. In Peter Mackie’s short film, Tank Commander, isolation and depression pushes a couple to their limits.

Eva (Ina Rose Farestad) and Vince (Jack Mackie) have just bunkered in for the long haul. While Vince dons his bathrobe and permanently plants himself in front of the television, Eva decides to make the most of the situation by taking up running, cooking, and goal planning. However, with no sign of change in sight, Eva and Vince begin to drift apart, and Eva becomes more indignant at Vince’s lack of… anything.

“…begin to drift apart, and Eva becomes more indignant at Vince’s lack of… anything.”

Tank Commander is a simple story of hope. Its themes revolve around making the most of any situation. You know, turning lemons into lemonade and all that. It’s also a cautionary message to not give into depression but instead fight one’s way back to living life once again. Director Mackie adeptly crafts an inspiring tale with co-writer Nick Vitale, not just with the plot, but with the soundtrack, gorgeous visuals of Eva and Vince’s apartment, various Los Angeles exteriors, and the performances from Farestad and Mackie.

The first half is Eva’s story, and Ina Rose Farestad is fantastic as Eva grabs the bull by the horns while covering a simmering rage at the useless Vince. On the other hand, Vince has very few lines, so his facial expressions and body language make up the bulk of Mackie’s performance. But he is convincing and engaging.

Because of how depressing the lockdown has been on our mental health, Tank Commander is just the boost of hope and optimism we need at this time.

Tank Commander (2021)

Directed: Peter Mackie

Written: Nick Vitale, Peter Mackie

Starring: Ina Rose Farestad, Jack Mackie, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Tank Commander Image

"…just the boost of hope and optimism we need at this time."

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