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Summer Issues

By Abhishek Sharma | September 6, 2022

Coming from budding filmmakers and actors, Summer Issues has visible inspirations from the likes of Dead Poets Society which lays out the message of “seizing the day.” The setting is an homage to Clerks, and the characters feel like they are picked straight from the neighborhood. But the film does that alongside dealing with real concerns of students these days. The film has subtexts that concern the ideas of mental health awareness and financial vulnerability.

The fact that education in the States may turn into nothing but a debt-ridden life is brought forward, pushing the audience to give such problems serious thought. In fact, this idea of expensive education is cleverly debated by quoting Quentin Tarantino, a prolific writer, and director who never sought a formal education in filmmaking. Interestingly, the quote comes from Kelly’s character.

“…engaging characters brought to life by compelling acting…”

What’s best about Summer Issues is that it doesn’t use any dramatic effect or cinematic emphasis to enforce the opinions of any single character and adheres to simplicity. The film doesn’t have any intense or emotionally high moments. It’s just telling a story and conveying a thought. And there is so much innocence and clarity in the on-screen representation of thought that it turns out to be a wholesome heartfelt film. This allows audiences to take part in these discussions and be engaged.

Summer Issues deserves a theatrical run. From the engaging characters brought to life by compelling acting to some inspired writing, the film wholeheartedly consumes you into its passionate narrative, making every second totally worth it. It’s the kind of film you seek out for a change in your movie-going experience – not a VFX-oriented blockbuster, but real, simple storytelling that calms your nerves and helps you relax while still feeling grounded in reality.

Summer Issues (2022)

Directed: Eric Kelly

Written: Adam Masnyk, Rory Cardin

Starring: Vasilios Asimakos, Adam Masnyk, Matthew Berke, David R. Reid, Ana Marie Calise, Eric Kelly, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Summer Issues Image

"…shines throughout and is clearly a passion project..."

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