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Stronger By Stress

By Alan Ng | March 9, 2022

My main takeaway from watching writer/director Andzei’s documentary, Stronger By Stress, is the idea that maybe our bodies were built with everything we need to live long, full lives, and with a few tweaks, we can attain this reality. As the title suggests, we can live a long and healthy life by managing the right kind of stress in our lives.

The movie brings together several experts on holistic living and how we can leverage science to make us adaptive to stress and become more resilient in our everyday lives. These experts include breathworker Leigh Ewin, self-help expert Siim Land, biohacking psychologist Inka Immonen, optimal human performance specialist Teemu Arian, stress expert Kasper Vendelis, holistic medicine expert Olli Sovijärvi, and nutrition and wellness expert Jaakko Halmetoja.

The very well-organized documentary walks us down a path explaining the role of stress in our lives. Stronger By Stress starts on the subject of biohacking. Human beings are the most adaptive creatures roaming Earth today. We can live in almost every climate and environment, and our bodies adapt to living in the extremes. By understanding the adaptive nature of the body, biohacking makes minor tweaks to our system to more holistic living. Like working out in the gym, extreme stress (think cryotherapy) can act as a radical jumpstart to our system, enabling us to reach desired physiological goals.

We then move on to the negative effect of short-term and long-term stress that leads to burnout. We all know that stress is the root of most biological problems and can run down your body and mind if unaddressed. The experts break down the science of stress on our nervous system and explain what exactly stress does to our bodies.

“…walks us down a path explaining the role of stress in our lives.”

There is a great wealth of information in Stronger By Stress. The film is all about educating viewers on stress management, adaptation, the importance of a proper diet and exercise, food myths we’ve believed for a long time, meditation, and strengthening our immune system. The one that got me was the importance of not being outdoors in nature (e.g., forest, beach), but how helpful the bacteria and “pollutants” of nature can be on our immune system. A lot of what is presented is radical yet makes a lot of sense.

Andzei produces a very slick-looking film (almost too slick) perfect for any 4K screen. He has excellent control over the visual style from start to finish. His subjects look great and are framed well. He also makes ample use of stock footage to support every piece of information. You literally can find videos on any, and every subject talked about. Usually, I’d be skeptical of the information presented, but the fact that there’s no product or seminar to buy at the end says a lot about its credibility.

Stronger By Stress presents radical ways to control the stress in our lives and biohack our bodies toward longevity. Though there’s way too much information, it’s understandable, and better yet, a lot of the tips given are doable… if I wasn’t such a lazy SOB. If you’re concerned about your health and well-being, I’m not saying you should do everything presented here; I am saying to be informed and make the best decision for you. This is simply an important resource to consider for making better choices in your life.

For more information, visit the Stronger By Stress official website.

Stronger By Stress (2022)

Directed and Written: Andzei

Starring: Leigh Ewin, Siim Land, Inka Immonen, Teemu Arian, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Stronger By Stress Image

"…presents radical ways to control the stress in our lives and biohack our bodies toward longevity."

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