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By Alan Ng | August 23, 2021

You might just want to think twice before doing a friend a favor. In Eric L. Thompson’s short film, stevie., Randall (Jake Sidney Cohen) is doing his estranged childhood friend, Stevie (Andrew Garrett), a big favor by letting him be a part of a simple handoff of a rather large satchel. What could go wrong? Well, Stevie shows up high, and he packed a gun when told not to.

“…Stevie shows up high, and he packed a gun when told not to.”

stevie. is a short film that builds tension through Cohen and Garrett’s performances. The job should be relatively easy to pull off, but it becomes a series of unforced errors for Randall the moment Stevie hops in the car. Writer/director Thompson masterfully raises one red flag after the other to tell an exciting tale of two guys sitting in a car.

Where stevie. truly excels is in the cinematography from Peter Koocheradis. It is a good-looking film, especially considering it is just two guys in a car. Its beauty is subtle, such as the lighting at night of dark subjects in front of dark backgrounds. Also, the small movements of the camera add drama to each shot and revelation. stevie. not only tells a great tale but uses its medium of choice to ratchet the drama.

stevie. will screen at the 2021 Dances With Films.

stevie. (2021)

Directed and Written: Eric L. Thompson

Starring: Jake Sidney Cohen, Andrew Garrett, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

stevie. Image

"…a good-looking film..."

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