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By Norman Gidney | November 20, 2018

I will attempt to summarize the plot of Shithead presently. CHENKO is a drug, derived from the iridescent exoskeletons of scorpions and manufactured solely by the band known as Face Fukka. Jordan is an addicted fan of both. In fact, his singular goal is to make it to the Face Fukka concert and get as high as possible on his beloved drug. Does this matter? Not really. In a sort of Chandleresque plot that pulls us through one crazy scenario after another, Jordan’s Jones takes a back seat to the parade of characters before us.

There’s Janeé (Erica Nicole Rothman) Jordan’s girlfriend who is saddled with a new baby. There’s Harvey Donught (Timothy Chivalette), a gamer who is stingy with his stash. There’s Dad (Timothy Day Slisky) who’s anti-psychotic meds are a sad substitute for CHENKO. Then there’s Officer Choner (Justin Morieko), who seems to be on everyone’s a*s for one reason or another, not the least of whom is Jordan. So, after finding a willing purchaser, Jordan sells Stephanie’s baby for extra cash to get some CHENKO and see his band. Of course, things go horribly wrong, and everybody is after someone for something.

“…a drug, derived from the iridescent exoskeletons of scorpions and manufactured solely by the band known as Face Fukka.”

Will Harvey-D share his CHENKO? Will Janeé get her baby back? Will Jordan get his drugs and see his favorite band? It all seems to be up to the wobbly wheel of fate. Morelli’s script barrels along with little care on who’s keeping up. The characters are all ferociously self-centered, making The Gang from It’s Always Sunny look like the Peace Corps. In fact, the movie wouldn’t work without Morelli’s equally relentless vision of absurdity. Topless anchorwomen dish the news, a mafioso hairstylist extorts money from her students, and everyone’s volume is turned up to 11. The pace is also ratcheted by the supersonic editing from Steven Brookwood, the candy-coated look from Thomas J. Valentino’s savvy art direction, and the zippy camera work by Robert L. Mickles and Thomas J. Valentino.

No, Shithead is NOT everyone’s cup of tea. It telegraphs as much with the title alone. But I laughed more at this overblown satire than any other “comedy” this year. The jokes are ragged, the humor utterly crass, but I had a great trip with SHITHEAD.

Shithead (2018) Written and directed by Mike Morelli. Starring Johnny Smith, Erica Nicole Rothman, Timothy Chivalette, Carly J. Bauer, Timothy Day Slisky.

7 out of 10 stars

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