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By Alan Ng | June 21, 2018

From first-time filmmaker Jane Rosemont, her short film Shirts! examines the journey of a desperate man in mid-life crisis, manifesting physical realities from the dream-like images found displayed on his apparel. With each passing moment, the man is pulled deeper and deeper into his hallucinogenic visions until stripped bare and left with nothing.

Really, it’s about Jane’s husband Rick, who for decades sought out unusual material and made custom shirts. Who says a short has to be about something or have a deeper meaning? Rosemont presents his shirt collection juxtaposed with the actual object on the shirt. For example, at one moment, he’s holding potatoes while wearing his potato shirt and spins around holding french fries and wearing his french fry shirt. Movie Magic!

“…he’s holding potatoes while wearing his potato shirt…”

Simple and easy with good production value, Shirts! is probably better suited as a YouTube video, but hell, it’s a short film making the festival rounds. I could crap on this film, but as the young folk say “it is what it is.” Yeah, it lacks depth. So cheesy, it would make a mouse explode. So, you spend four minutes watching a guy love on his shirts. You could do worse. Relax, enjoy Shirts!, and then go back to ripping each other apart.

Shirts! (2018) Written and directed by Jane Rosemont. Featuring Rick Rosemont. Shirts! made its world premiere at the 2018 Dances With Films.

6 out of 10 stars

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