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By Mark Bell | August 12, 2013

Carl (Rhyan Schwartz) just wants to enjoy his bong and a horror flick, but his roommate Sex Pose Man (David Bianchi) is determined to interrupt the afternoon with his disturbingly sexual exercises and strange exfoliating practices. When Carl stumbles upon a nature program showing the majestic caribou, it gives Sex Pose Man an idea for his upcoming sexual escapades.

Sex Pose Man – Episode One – The Caribou is the pilot episode of a new webseries, and as such works as an intro to the possibly insane Sex Pose Man and his stoned-into-acceptance roommate Carl. As a comedy short, it’s entirely riding on the idea that Sex Pose Man’s ridiculousness equals hilarious, thus there isn’t much narrative to be had. At least not yet.

See, it’s not clear by this first episode exactly what the webseries is going to be. Is it a series about Sex Pose Man’s awkward sexual encounters, with each episode standing alone save for consistent characters? Is there going to be an overall narrative that ties the series together? Thus, I can’t speak to where this is going, only what it is.

And it is funny, though a little one note. Then again, at less than five minutes long, it’s allowed to be one note. As an introduction to Carl and Sex Pose Man, it gets its point across.

The filmmaking is top-notch; this is a webseries that looks and sounds great. Whether the story delivers as strong as the technical aspects won’t be known until after a few more episodes are out there, but the people behind the camera know how to shoot and edit, that’s for sure. The folks in front of the camera aren’t slouches either. And lest I forget, major kudos for having a theme song reminiscent of Flash Gordon.

Overall, Sex Pose Man – Episode One – The Caribou made me laugh. Would I watch another episode? Yes, mainly because my curiosity has been aroused, and I want to know what this is webseries is going to be like over more installments. Since that’s usually the idea behind a pilot, getting someone interested enough to check out the next episode, I’d say this one succeeds.

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