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By Steve Anderson | August 5, 2007

From the guys who brought you a cheesy zombie horror comedy that wasn’t so cheesy called “After the Day” comes a “really bad horror comedy shot in six days about a serial killer who wears a bunny suit.”

And it’s got a budget of a hundred and eighty bucks, no less.

What “Serial Rabbit” offers up for that hundred and eighty bucks is every year, on Easter, a particularly brutal killing takes place with some kind of religious motivation involved. It won’t really surprise anyone that the killer in question is a giant rabbit–namely, the Serial Rabbit. And, as a massive rave comes under construction, drawing participants from all over, the Serial Rabbit will have his next targets in place.

Let me just say that a serial killer in a full-on bunny costume, fur from head to toe and floppy ears, with a Wolverine-style knuckle-based claw knife, is just outrageously funny. It’s like watching “Harvey” as directed by Brian De Palma with a budget of a hundred and eighty dollars. I can barely even say that without laughing.

And watching Peter Cottontail there hop down the murder trail wavers wildly between funny, unnerving, and just plain balls-out sad, especially when you find out what got him into the rabbit suit in the first place. Plus, there will be plenty of other funny moments completely unrelated to the homicidal rabbit.

Now, granted… this is low-budget at its lowest. The plotline isn’t all that spectacular or original. But Mauser and company realize their limitations and work within them to make a whole that’s surprisingly watchable.

The ending, however, leaves something to be desired. Only vaguely related to the events preceding it, it’s got to be a dark sign when the writer and director have to issue a statement, in film, apologizing for the contents of the film. Though they don’t have near as much to apologize about as many others I could name, it’s a gesture that strikes me as unnecessary in its case, but still, not unwelcome.

All in all, sure, it’s low budget. It’s a hundred and eighty bucks worth of low budget. It’s shot in six days. But frankly, I’ve seen movies with way more money and way more time to shoot come out wildly, wildly worse than “Serial Rabbit”…and I’m sure you can name plenty of names yourself.

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