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Saturday the 14th Part 2

By Chris Salce | February 28, 2022

Not to be confused with the 1981 cult classic spoof, Saturday the 14th Part 2 is a short film directed by Leo Gonzalez and writer Zay Rodriguez. While there are two installments on YouTube, I never watched the first one, so I did not know exactly what I was getting myself into. All I expected was a spoof, and… well, let’s just say that I had assumed somewhat correctly.

From my understanding of events, the sequel takes place one day after the first. Eddie (Jose Jimenez-Correa) and Pamela (Tara Beavers) are throwing a small party to celebrate the impending birth of their first child. All the while, the deranged Tabatha (Yasiris Alvarado) is making her way home after the brutal killings of the previous night. Of course, she runs across the revelers and decides to unleash her bloodthirsty instincts. Fatal mayhem and hilarity supposedly ensue.

“…runs across the revelers and decides to unleash her bloodthirsty instincts.”

Admittedly Saturday the 14th Part 2 opens up with a pretty funny scene as a very sexual news anchor is reporting for a station called “F**k Me Too News.” She explains what took place the night prior (to get us all caught up). But, a short time later, we see the killer murder her first victim, who she strangles with a giant dildo. Yes, that’s the kind of humor you can expect throughout the rest of the movie, but it gets less funny as the 40-minute runtime wears on. In these two scenes, there are clear mistakes, and I’m not sure how they made their way past the editing. It is always possible that this was deliberate in an Ed Wood kind of way.

The first scene has the reporter talking to the camera filming the actual production rather than the faux camera for the news. The initial murder has a boom mic male an appearance at the edge of the frame. Things like this happen throughout. In one scene, five characters are sitting at a table discussing something, but the dialogue is drowned out by music that is meant to be playing in the background. It goes into the following sequence at the same volume, so whatever happened in a scene and a half is anyone’s guess.

If anything positive can be said about this spoof, it is that it appears that the cast at least had fun making it. Apparently, Saturday the 14th Part 2 is to be continued, so there is more fun to be had… for the cast. Unfortunately, I couldn’t imagine any audience members having fun watching the short. It is clear that this is not to be taken seriously, but with that being said, it is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

Saturday the 14th Part 2 (2022)

Directed: Leo Gonzalez, Zay Rodriguez

Written: Zay Rodriguez

Starring: Yasiris Alvarado, Jose Jimenez-Correa, Tara Beavers, Nashaly Velez, etc.

Movie score: 1/10

Saturday the 14th Part 2 Image

"…opens up with a pretty funny scene..."

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