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SAK – 600

By Michael Ferraro | August 17, 2004

Have you ever read a classified ad in the paper that claims you can smoke marijuana legally and get paid for it? Some even allege that you can get paid for having safe sex with god knows who/what. Others simply make an offer that you can take experimental drugs for a certain amount of time and, not only do you get paid, but you get to stay at a clinic and get free meals. That may sound scary due to the dangerous and crazy side effects that may occur but hey, at least you get free food. Snapper Carr (Stamford Lancaster) is broke, having just been fired from his job, so he is willing to risk those pesky side effects and become part of a study for Sak-600, a new anti-depressant drug that has yet to be tested on humans.

While the first supplement of the drug is being induced, Snapper is visited by an angelic nurse who supplies him with an orange. However delicious it may seem, he cradles it and becomes overly protective of it from harm by the other experimenters. Soon the orange goes missing and Snapper blames Mooney (Christopher Rocha), a larger patient wearing super-tight shirt, supplied by the Sak company. After the incident, Mooney heads to the nurse in charge to complain about the undersized garment and he discovers that this Ratched-like nurse is the orange bandit. The impact this film was trying to achieve with the resolution that follows however, is severely damaged due to the lack of character development. Learning more about Snapper and his mannerisms outside of the clinic would have been more helpful in assisting with the catharsis at the end of the film.

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