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Safe Inside

By Alan Ng | October 17, 2019

Writer Blazej Dzikowski’s story asks the question, what happens to us when we’re in a comatose state. Some science indicates that we exist in an extended dream-like state. They start careers, have families, and live a healthy life…in their subconscious. What Gabryjelska has done in Safe Inside is to expand this idea/world into a psychological thriller involving Tom, Ana, and Richard.

Safe Inside is a thriller from start to finish with tones of a Twilight Zone or Star Trek episode (see “Inner Light”). Gabryjelska creates two worlds, the real and the imagined, and uses science to make them meet. It’s all well thought out, and her direction shows a great deal of skill in pulling it off. What’s impressive to me is this is a Polish/Luxembourg production, shot in Poland, and she chose to make an English-language film.

“…Gabryjelska creates two worlds, the real and the imagined, and uses science to make them meet.”

The acting is quite good. Tom Ainsley plays the aggressive American, not exactly a hard role for most Americans to play, but good nonetheless. Steven Brand switches brilliantly between charming and creepy, and Andrea Tivadar is really the star of the film as this is primarily Ana’s journey. As the lead, Tivadar is working her way up the professional acting ladder and gives a compelling performance.

As far as low budget thrillers go, Safe Inside balances the thrills beautifully, but the film’s score does overplay its hand on occasion. Visually, the imagery and the meaning behind it is fantastic. The locations and set pieces are beautiful. All together worth a recommendation.

Safe Inside screened at the San Diego International Film Festival.

Safe Inside (2019)

Directed: Renata Gabryjelska

Written: Blazej Dzikowski, Renata Gabryjelska

Starring: Andrea Tivadar, Tom Ainsley, Steven Brand, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Safe Inside Image

"…Brand switches brilliantly between charming and creepy..."

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