By Admin | August 27, 2005

The fact that “Animal House” was not only the first but also by far the best film about guys in college trying to get laid says volumes about the whole guys getting some action genre. Despite several successful teen sex comedies in the decades since, such as “Porky’s” and “American Pie”, few films have close to matching either the brains or laughs provided by “Animal House”. Yet another riff on an already worn out formula is Zac Adams’ “Rush Night”.

Shy college student Jimmy ( J.P. McNeely, who is in reality in his thirties) at the prompting of his know it all best friend Kevin (Joe Giordano, who also appears in his thirties) agrees to try and join a fraternity on campus in an effort to meet some girls. After our heroes are rejected from the frat despite being tortured by the members they plot to crash a party being thrown that very night in order to try and score. Several funny voices and disguises later Jimmy and Kevin manage to trick party goers Gina (Amanda Bailey) and Andrea (Rachel Bernard) into believing them to be fraternity members and the foursome leave the party in order to quench the girls hunger for some chocolate doughnuts. While the fraternity hijinx accounts for the first half hour the next sixty minutes deal with Jimmy and Kevin’s frustrated attempt to buy food.

Unhelpful convenience store clerk? Check.

Car runs out of gas? Check.

Good Samaritan that happens to be crazy? Check.

Do our heroes succeed? I can’t give away everything.

“Rush Night” means well but can’t overcome the fact that for most of the film’s running time the plot seems like padding. While the quest to get the girls some doughnuts might serve as a side gag during a normal comedy, this thin premise takes center stage with predictable results. This is not to say the movie doesn’t have it’s moments, such as a during a cute “Queer Eye for the Stright Guy” riff but these moments are overpowered by fart jokes.

Adams seems to possess a lot of drive as a filmmaker but hopefully in his next outing is able to channel his energy into a more original project that utilizes his talents.

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