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By Jeremy Knox | August 3, 2004

“How did I get so anal?” – Rick Trembles

Trust me folks, he doesn’t mean “anal retentive”, he just means anal.
With this animated short film, Rick Trembles has created an epic ode to his a*s and whatever lies in that most terrible of orifices. This of course leads us down the deep dark path of relationships, cross-dressing and sticking things up your butt. Sensitive viewers should take heed that there’s a heavy gross out factor at times, but this is not unexpected coming from a man that Robert R. Crumb has deemed “Even more twisted & weird than me”.

However, Trembles doesn’t come off as some crazed agent provocateur, but a soft spoken man telling a series of amusing anecdotes about himself. The gross out bits are a set up to the jokes, not the punchline; and they never feel added on for shock value.

Watching the short, Trembles seemed to me like one of the last beatnick poets; with Goopy Spasms playing like William S. Burroughs’ “The Man Who Taught His A*****e How To Talk”. So if you didn’t get Burroughs dry type of sarcasm, you’re not going to get Trembles’. Rick doesn’t jump up and down like a jackass and fling s**t at the screen. He just tells you about himself and lets the natural humor innate to the things he says make the viewer laugh.

So is it funny? Oh yeah, just make sure you don’t watch it anywhere near suppertime.

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