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Revenge Ride

By Brian Shaer | December 3, 2020

They don’t come much leaner or meaner than Revenge Ride, a hyper-stylized and hard-rock exercise in violent radical feminism.

It’s a scenario we hear about all too often: a naïve freshman girl at a fraternity party is drugged and raped by a predatory jock. Luckily for Mary (Vanessa Dubasso), the freshman girl, her cousin, Maggie (Serinda Swan), lives nearby and is a member of an all-female biker gang, a leather-loving group called Dark Moon, that will right the wrong done to her.

“…an all-female biker gang…will right the wrong done to her.”

Maggie and her cohorts gather in an industrial compound to hang out, drink beer, and ride around on their motorcycles. Their leader, Trigga (Pollyanna McIntosh, who’s wonderful), impresses upon the group the virtues of sisterhood and family: badass women against the world! Dark Moon’s first act of vengeance on behalf of Mary is a mere warm-up for the carnage that follows. However, it is enough to piss off Mary’s abuser, a douchebag jock named Keegan (Jake Lockett), who enlists two buddies to launch a counterattack on the ladies of Dark Moon. Bad idea, guys.

A curveball is thrown into the mix in the form of Brian (Diego Boneta), also a jock but one that isn’t a budding psychopath. On the night of the initial attack, Maggie chats up Brian at the local bar where Dark Moon encircles their unsuspecting prey before their assault. Once the two get to talking, Maggie realizes that Brian isn’t like his peers; Brian actually attempted to help Mary when he saw her drunk and struggling at the fateful fraternity party, but the lecherous Keegan shoved him off. The two begin an affair that threatens Maggie’s relationship with Trigga and her notion of what it means to have a family.

Revenge Ride (2020)

Directed: Melanie Aitkenhead

Written: Tim Durham

Starring: Serinda Swan, Pollyanna McIntosh, Jake Lockett, Vanessa Dubasso, Diego Boneta, John D. Hickman, Reem Kadem, Hank Brock, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Revenge Ride Image

"…a hyper-stylized and hard rock exercise in violent radical feminism."

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  1. Aric T Enochs says:

    This was a great movie I would just like to know where it was filmed?

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