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Remy & Arletta

By Bobby LePire | June 18, 2024

Micaela Wittman writes and stars in Remy & Arletta, with Arthur De Larroche directing. The indie drama follows the titular best friends as they navigate their tricky teenage years. Remy (Wittman) rebels against almost all authority. This is mainly because her mother (Amy Benedict) is an alcoholic whose rules are so strict she will call up the church youth group to make sure Remy actually attended as she said she would. Remy also must take care of her mom on a regular basis, as she can barely function during the day.

Arletta’s (Riley Quinn Scott) home life is more stable; she’s even looking at a scholarship to college to finally leave this go-nowhere town. Remy and Arletta’s friendship is a beacon of serenity in their tumultuous lives. They do everything together, including skipping class and being each other’s alibi when the other sneaks off on dates. However, Remy’s mom is getting more controlling, causing her to lash out in worse ways. On top of that, unspoken emotions and lies pile up, threatening to tear apart the friends for good, a conflict that underscores the strength of their bond.

“…best friends as they navigate their tricky teenage years.”

Remy & Arletta runs for a breezy hour and 10 minutes, but it packs quite a bit into its brief runtime. Remy taking care of her mom highlights how sweet the teen can be, while their rocky relationship feels authentic. Remy and Arletta’s bond is strong while still being hinged on the flighty fancies of teenagers. The most impactful scenes constitute a spoiler, but the emotional beats of the moment resonant far past the ending.

Wittman’s portrayal of the wild, hurt, but deep-down caring Remy is a masterclass in emotional depth. The first fight with her mom sees her bawling her eyes out, a moment that is both heart-wrenching and relatable to everyone who has ever had their parents yelling at them for no reason. Quinn’s performance as the more stable yet secretive friend is equally compelling. The way she insists on going to dance class instead of taking Remy home after a fight is a testament to the authenticity of her character. The two actors share a natural chemistry that makes their friendship believable, endearing, and worth rooting for, a dynamic that resonates with the audience.

Remy & Arletta is a drama that does not overstay its welcome. The core friendship is solid and relatable. The actors are perfect in their roles, and every emotional beat is genuninely earned.

Remy & Arletta (2024)

Directed: Arthur De Larroche

Written: Micaela Wittman

Starring: Micaela Wittman, Riley Quinn Scott, Amy Benedict, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Remy & Arletta Image

"…packs quite a bit into its brief runtime."

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