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By Admin | August 25, 2006

Prostitution has always been a good topic of conversation in the past. Whether it should be legal or regulated, that doesn’t matter. For the actual prostitute, they have to know how dangerous a profession this is, which oftentimes attracts some abusive types. How such a job exists in the first place is enough to boggle minds. Is it really that hard to get laid that people have to go out and pay for it? And these people you’re paying for surely have had other “customers” that day… they should know that they are putting themselves at risk, right? How easy is it to get a sexually transmitted disease from a regular person, let alone someone that takes any freak show willing to pay for it?

“Princesas” isn’t the cliché “Pretty Woman” type romantic-comedy you’d expect – it’s actually quite surprising. The film follows two friends with this beloved profession – Caye and Zule – as they both work the street. Each of them has an objective though, this isn’t the line of work they predicted themselves to be in, nor is it something they want to continue to do forever. Caye is so insecure about herself; she’s in it just to save up for a boob job. Zule on the other hand is saving up to support her son that is living in the Dominican Republic.

The various dialogue exchanges between these two characters are often hilarious and, at times, deeply moving, allowing full understanding of these girls and their situations. Ferando Leon de Aranoa directs perfectly without relying on flashy gimmicks. Each shot is well composed and for a film about two characters involved so much in sexual acts, he never exposes the actual act that would only steer interest away from what is really important.

The resolution is also an element that should be fully complimented (without ruining anything of course). Writer/director Fernando Leon de Aranoa understands exactly when to conclude, without overstaying its welcome, nor does he make an attempt for melodramatics. These elements, mixed with a bravura performance from Candela Pena, make “Princesas” one of the most interesting films to tackle the subject in quite a long time.

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