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Pot Luck

By Alan Ng | April 20, 2020

In November 2012, Colorado citizens voted to legalize cannabis in all forms. The state hit the ground running with now more cannabis dispensaries than both McDonald’s and Starbucks combined. The question is, did the great legal pot experiment work? Did it make the state better? Can Colorado be considered the poster child of legal marijuana for other states to follow? Jane Wells’ documentary Pot Luck attempts to answer these questions.

Pot Luck is and isn’t your typical documentary about the legalization of marijuana. It more casts a non-judgmental look at the state of Colorado by following and interviewing a broad spectrum of colorful characters touched by this new organic industry. The film opens with Lee Molloy and his International Church of Cannabis. He and his congregation took over one of Colorado’s abandoned historical churches. They gave it a fresh, colorful coat of paint inspired by the love, meditation, and wonders of weed.

“…isn’t your typical documentary about the legalization of marijuana.”

Wells then examines the business of weed. Justina is a budtender working at a successful dispensary, which can only take cash because marijuana is still federally illegal, and no bank will offer credit card or banking services to this legal business. Marijuana is also highly regulated in Colorado. Carsey Hawkins makes her lucrative living as a consultant for vendors ensuring dispensaries are operating according to the law.

But then there are the skeptics. Ben Cort is an addiction consultant, and he goes into a pot shop asking about the products they sell, and as convincing as its sellers sound, they make curative claims that can’t be backed up medically. He shows that as regulated as cannabis is in the state, there’s still a great deal of freedom in the vast variety of products that can be sold, claims that can be made, and immunity they receive from law enforcement.

Pot Luck (2020)

Directed and Written: Jane Wells

Starring: Justina Kill, Carsey Hawkins, Ben Cort, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Pot Luck Image

"…beautifully narrated by Robin Quivers."

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