By Admin | August 9, 2005

“Phoenix Point” plays kind of like a Jess Franco film, only more coherent and less erotic. That’s either going to turn you off or intrigue you. If you’re turned off by that comparison, read no further. For the rest of you, however, what you’ll get is a film about a “demon virus” that turns people into cannibals but doesn’t do too well in the heat, which is why survivors of the plague take to the desert.

Jack (Jon Jacobs) and Richard (Daniel Murray) are two survivors trying to make their way to the fabled Phoenix Point, a sort of haven beyond the desert (all these end of the world type movies have such a place). Along the way they are kidnapped by a group of silly cannibals led by the insane Spyder Rico (Brion James). He has our heroes thrown into a pen with Edie (Kelly Williams), who unknowingly holds a very important secret. Things go from bad to worse, and Edie and Jack take to the dunes as Richard copes with becoming a flesh eater out for revenge.

While the plot shows promise, the film itself is just too arty and goofy (not a good mixture) to actually engage this viewer. I like the ideas presented, and some of the cinematography is quite well done, but overall the film just doesn’t make the cut. And even though it is, as I mentioned, more coherent than a Franco film, it still isn’t coherent enough.

If you like apocalyptic movies that take themselves too seriously in some places and not seriously enough in others, this is the one for you. If, on the other hand, you require more story and less meandering, steer clear of “Phoenix Point.” There’s no cure to be had there, and the trip isn’t worth the time.

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