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By Eric Campos | August 18, 2004

Carly is unhappy. It appears to be from a broken heart, but then there’s the fat perverts at the subway station and the cranky cigarette mooching bums. I guess living in the big city can make anyone unhappy. But there’s also a serial killer running around as we’re informed through a radio broadcast we overhear at Carly’s apartment, as well as a headline in the newspaper she’s reading on the subway. So is Carly the serial killer? Or is she living vicariously through the serial killer’s deeds to help quench her bitterness over her lost love? You’ll have to watch this one more than once to figure it out.

This spooky little short from Mandi Riggi is a head scratcher. Audiences may be split on just what has happened during the 15 minute run time. But one thing is for sure, the visuals are so rich and pleasing to the eye, although grim, it will tempt audiences to go back for repeated viewings to figure out the puzzle.

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