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Para-Psych Trauma

By Bobby LePire | May 18, 2022

Of course, some stories require more investing than others, but all of them work. It is fascinating that the evil entity is going after Lacey and not Sean, though neither character is all that deep. Martha is a bit one-note, as she’s so focused on making contact. However, the terrifying means she goes about achieving her goals give way to some of the film’s scarier moments.

The heart of the entire production lies within Debbie and Graham’s accounts, respectively. Debbie has to constantly explain to the camera that her bruises and cuts are not supernatural but come from her husband. It is heartbreaking. In just a few scenes, one feels the love Graham still feels for his deceased wife. His relationship with his daughter is also well done, giving a lot of weight to the man’s decision one way or another.

“…some stories are more investing than others, but all of them work.”

Of course, without a solid cast bringing these characters to life, Para-Psych Trauma would fall apart. Mills is charming as ever (see Lonely Hearts), making even Sean’s snide remarks at times coming from a believable and sweet place. Hunt is also good as Lacey, and the two share nice chemistry. Watson sells her character’s frustrations well, though she’s less convincing when acting afraid. Oliver is pure dynamite in every scene. She goes from vulnerable and scared to brave in one fell swoop and nails it. Margason is excellent as Debbie’s husband, as viewers will hate him to the bone. Wrien immediately sells everyone watching on Graham’s longing for his wife, firmly grounding his plight in mournful reality. While only in a few scenes, Atkinson makes audiences believe how much she cares for and is worried about her on-screen father.

Finally, a special mention must go to the makeup department. Lacey’s bruises and injuries from the poltergeist look realistic and painful. Debbie is almost always in makeup, as her douche of a partner constantly leaves various marks on her. Thanks to the efforts of Katie Johnson and Charlotte Griffin, they all look authentic, furthering Debbie’s tragic tale.

Para-Psych Trauma is a creepy anthology bolstered by avoiding a lot of tropes usually associated with this storytelling style. Each segment works thanks to the realism of the filmmaking and the excellent cast. The sound design is also quite good, especially in Rebecca’s story, aiding in selling the supernatural happenings afoot. While it is a bit light on scares, the film is still haunting and thrilling.

Para-Psych Trauma (2022)

Directed: Sam Mason-Bell, Martin W. Payne, Jackson Batchelor, Simon Berry, Mike Peter Reed

Written: Sam Mason-Bell, Martin W. Payne, Jackson Batchelor

Starring: Chris Mills, Jessica Hunt, Katie Watson, Eve Kathryn Oliver, Chris Wrein, Teo Dumitrul, Annabella Rich, Sophie Atkinson, Mark Margason, etc.

Movie score: 9/10

Para-Psych Trauma Image

"…haunting and thrilling."

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