By Elias Savada | March 8, 2014

This review was originally published on January 19, 2014…

There’s a lovely cadence to “One Please,” a short horror entry that has an appealing taste, especially if you love creamsicles. Writer-Directer Jesse Burks puts an offbeat spin on one of my favorite pastimes as a kid, the ice cream truck (Freddy, the Good Humor man, had our street’s route) parading through the neighborhood with enticing, sugar-filled treats. Back then we got our fixes for less than a quarter. Times have changed.

With not a word of dialogue, you know here’s a perfectly content suburban family. Mom, in her light yellow blouse and red apron, is chopping veggies to a 4/4 count as dad sits in his easy chair reading the newspaper. Everything is lovingly placed, from the drawing of the family on the fridge to the impeccably clean countertops. Dad’s bow tie couldn’t be more dapper as he appreciates his pipe’s tobacco. The camera slowly pulls in to display their appreciated comfort zone.

You don’t pay much mind that mom is a half digit short on her ring finger. Or that dad is missing a few ounces of flesh above a knuckle or two.

Outside, in perfect, eerie sync with mom’s slicing and dicing is their young, big-eyed, pony-tailed daughter, a beauty in her red dress, jumping rope in the street. Nice neighborhood.

The build up is just terrific as the truck alights in front of the house and, lo and behold, it’s horror star Michael Berryman. Heck his name is above the title, so you should have known there might be something at least a little gruesome at hand. I won’t point out the twist, or try to figure out what it means, but this light-hearted piece of dark whimsy has a ton of dark charm filling its six minutes.

Kudos to producers Joshua H. Miller, Miles B. Miller, and Kathryn Tucker for supporting this film, Gabe Mayhan for his luxurious cinematography, Mitchell Crisp’s lovely production design, and fine editing by Les and Russ Galusha.

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