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On My Mind

By Sumner Forbes | February 23, 2022

Martin Strange-Hansen’s On My Mind is an emotionally resonant short film that expertly marries quadruple pours of whiskey, Elvis Presley, and personal tragedy. The largely flawless melding of these disparate elements is no small feat. Still, Strange-Hansen succeeds in keeping the audience engaged with an equal balance of humor and mystery until an emotionally devastating final sequence that ties up the loose ends of the narrative.

“…an unkempt patron seeking a nightcap.”

Most of the film takes place in a Danish bar around closing time as cantankerous owner Preben (Ole Boisen) is interrupted while counting the receipts from the night’s sales. The person who interrupts him is Henrik (Rasmus Hammerich), an unkempt patron seeking a nightcap. Preben’s wife, Louise (Camilla Bendix), convinces her husband to keep the bar open so Henrik can have a drink. Later, Henrik spots a karaoke machine and is determined to sing Elvis Presley’s “On My Mind” while Louise records the performance, the reason for which is revealed in the closing scene.

On My Mind covers a lot of ground for a film under twenty minutes, which speaks to Strange-Hansen’s ability to utilize a compressed narrative arc that never feels short on substance. The performances are strong yet unassuming, wisely allowing for the unique circumstances in the film to dominate. Funny, sad, and everything in-between, the short will inspire audiences to raise their glass with a collective “Skål!”

On My Mind (2021)

Directed and Written: Martin Strange-Hansen

Starring: Rasmus Hammerich, Camilla Bendix, Ole Boisen, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

On My Mind Image

"…funny, sad, and everything in-between..."

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