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Oh Baby!

By Alan Ng | September 3, 2021

DANCES WITH FILMS 2021 REVIEW! Many stories have been told of that final fling before the next chapter turns. However, Brooke Trantor’s short film, Oh Baby!, takes a very different approach.

On this particular night, Jane (Kate Morgan Chadwick) wants two things: good Mexican food and to get laid desperately. So with chips, guac, and salsa on order, all she needs is her internet date, Ben (TJ Linnard), to show up. Fortunately, he does, and sparks immediately fly between the two…. until Jane confesses she is very pregnant and needs sex, preferably with Ben, right now.

“…she is very pregnant and needs sex, preferably with Ben, right now.”

Oh Baby! is a ten-minute sketch about a young woman’s unusual request and how she ultimately gets more than she bargained for. I like how simple the setup is and how much fun is had watching the direction our two lovers take. The short focuses on the connection between Jane and Ben and how her pregnancy complicates their future together. But at the same time, the couple realizes this encounter is all about the present. The future is for another day.

The story of Oh Baby! is masterfully told in the short film medium, and the editing is top-notch. It’s a light comedy supported by two touching and sympathetic performances by Chadwick and Linnard. It all leads to a poignant ending.

Oh Baby! screened at the 2021 Dances With Films.

Oh Baby! (2021)

Directed: Brooke Trantor

Written: Kate Morgan Chadwick, Arden Grier, Roxanna Dunlop, Brooke Trantor

Starring: Kate Morgan Chadwick, TJ Linnard, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

Oh Baby! Image

"…masterfully told..."

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  1. Sarah Apgar says:

    This film is so refreshing as a mama of two who totally relates….. let’s make taboo mainstream. 😘

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