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By Bobby LePire | May 29, 2024

Nowhere is writer-director Tim Seyfert’s feature-length debut. The film is about a California man living in England. Max (Derek Nelson) moved aboard for his significant other, who was in the U.S. on a visa and working as an au pair. But, after uprooting his entire life to Cornwall, she left him for her dream job. Now, Max, who works as a substitute English and media studies teacher, gets high often and looks for a good time, nothing serious. That isn’t to say he doesn’t have friends, as he’s close to Glen (Rory Wilton) and his wife, Hilda (Kate Edney).

One night, Max meets Michele (Jennifer Martin) at a bar, and the two hit off instantly. She’s celebrating finally being rid of her abusive ex as well as a new job. He’s celebrating a long-term assignment. The duo ends up going at it in the bathroom, only for Michele to then vanish. So imagine Michele’s surprise when she is introduced to Max as the new assistant headmaster at the school he’s currently subbing at as a teacher fell very ill. Will their previous encounter upend both their positions at the school? Does meeting Michele help Max get over his ex? Can both of them face their demons and accept life as it comes?

“…after uprooting his entire life to Cornwall, she left him for her dream job.”

Dramas are quite a tricky proposition. The story needs to be as realistic as possible, and the characters have to have enough dimension so their ending arcs feel worth it. A drama is terrible when the characters are flat, the situations are not believable, or both. Nowhere is an outstanding drama. Max is interesting, and his ennui makes total sense, given the abrupt nature of his girlfriend leaving. Michele’s plight comes from her not wanting her tryst to come to light as it could jeopardize her new job. She only went through with such reckless action as she believed he was a tourist since he’s from California. Both their perspectives make sense, creating real tension and stakes in the plot.

Nelson perfectly sells his character’s laissez-faire attitude. Once he becomes more vulnerable, the weight of everything Max is dealing with comes across believably. Martin is excellent and shares strong chemistry with her co-star. Wilton is fun as Max’s only friend, proving to have excellent comedic timing. Edney makes a huge impression with limited screen time.

Nowhere is a moving, involving drama. The ending works very well and wraps up everything nicely without sacrificing realism. The cast is solid and plays off each other nicely.

For more information, visit the official Nowhere site.

Nowhere (2024)

Directed and Written: Tim Seyfert

Starring: Derek Nelson, Jennifer Martin, Rory Wilton, Kate Edney, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

Nowhere Image

"…moving, involving..."

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