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Night At The Eagle Inn

By Bobby LePire | September 7, 2021

The quick dialogue, Spencer’s snarky asides especially, is a lot of fun, allowing those watching to get a feel for who these characters are in an instant. The screenplay also never devolves into exposition, trusting audiences to follow all the clues and remember conversations from earlier. This makes for a refreshing change of pace, as the story is driven by the characters, not the whims of the very engaging and creepy plot.

Dudley and Taylor are excellent as Sarah and Spencer, respectively. Their early banter solidifies their bond and allows the audience members to easily buy them as brother and sister. Outside of that aspect, they deliver as well. In one notable scene where they meet back up after individualized moments of terror, the two leads are authentically scared out of their minds and freaked out. Minniear is charming as the somewhat elusive but fun Dean, while Schweers goes big in his portrayal of the maniacal Manager, making him even more creepy and desperate.

“…sumptuous musical arrangements…enhance every eerie moment.”

Finally, of all of Bloomquist’s films, Night At The Eagle Inn has the best score. Composer Gyom Amphoux, who has worked on all the filmmaker’s previous full-length titles, has crafted sumptuous musical arrangements that enhance every eerie moment. The music plays over the production logos in the beginning and instantly entices everyone watching to be ready for the experience at hand. The electric guitar riffs will get stuck in your head, and they add to the tension wonderfully.

Night At The Eagle Inn is everything a viewer wants from a horror title. It’s creepy, intense, and full of characters that are easy to empathize with and root for. The screenplay effectively sets up the characters and their plight without spoon-feeding while the narrative remains a warped enigma of mystery that engages on all fronts. The direction is splendid, delivering chills and thrills with stunning cinematography and clever editing. The actors are all fantastic and breathe life into their roles. Literally, what more could one ask for from a movie?

Night At The Eagle Inn (2021)

Directed: Erik Bloomquist

Written: Erik Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist

Starring: Amelia Dudley, Taylor Turner, Greg Schweers, Beau Minniear, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Night At The Eagle Inn Image

"…everything a viewer wants from a horror title."

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