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My Son Hunter

By Alan Ng | September 8, 2022

Staunch critics of My Son Hunter claim that this film is nothing more than alt-right propaganda. They’re absolutely right. If you believe Webster’s dictionary, propaganda is “the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.” There’s no doubt that this film is a political hit piece on President Biden and his administration with the express purpose of influencing the next election.

I get how this story was pieced together. Davi and writers Brian Godawa and Phelim McAleer were frustrated with how the media has either covered-up or suppressed stories surrounding Hunter’s foreign business deals, the potentially Presidential-ending contents of his laptop, its damning email from his father, and leaked videos of Hunter’s playboy lifestyle. They then piece together a narrative assuming conspiracies and wrongdoing, and voila.

I don’t mind politics in my movie.”

Like McKay’s Vice, my issue with My Son Hunter is that it’s a biased story with zero nuance or fair presentation of the other side. As satire goes, I’ve found that humor based on hate and anger is rarely funny, and this is rarely funny. The biased take on its subject matter means that there is only one audience for this film, and that’s frustrated conservatives. It does nothing more than “preach to the choir” and “poke the bear” by bringing up points meant to inflame the opposition’s anger.

Let’s be fair. Vice did exactly the same thing. The quality of either film is irrelevant. Liking or not liking this film has everything to do with your political leanings. I don’t mind politics in my movie. What I’m looking for is some idea that the filmmakers have either some empathy for the other side or, better yet, a clever way to present their position with something other than a sharp stick.

My Son Hunter is simply another political salvo targeting the Progressive Left. In response, the Left will melt down and invest millions in My Son Don Jr. or the definitive January 6th insurrection thriller. For those of us in the middle, it’s best to keep your head down until the next shot is fired.

My Son Hunter (2022)

Directed: Robert Davi

Written: Brian Godawa, Phelim McAleer

Starring: Laurence Fox, Emma Gojkovic, Gina Carano, John James, etc.

Movie score: 3/10

My Son Hunter Image

"…staunch critics of My Son Hunter claim that this film is nothing more than alt-right propaganda. They're absolutely right."

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  1. Marcus says:

    Coward’s review.

  2. Jean Jessup says:

    If David Lynch had written and directed this film, would it focus more on the MK Ultra of Hunter and family (like Fire Walk With Me)? Would love to see that one.

  3. Peter Clark says:

    Calling it propaganda but not denying its reality. Hmmm!

  4. Mark says:

    The only people who do not like this film are liberal wanna be’s, that will never be!

  5. Valk1 says:

    “A biased story with zero nuance or fair presentation of the other side.”
    So your saying it’s just like the scam January 6 hearings? LMAO! 🤣

  6. F.J. Biden says:


  7. QR says:

    A real journalist wouldn’t have needed to qualify every aspect of their “unbiased” review. Maybe you should have just watched the film, enjoyed the acting and recalled how it kind of had a Fight Club feel to it. But no, you too had to labor your “non-political review with politics! Actually, I think it’s your review that’s a piece of s*^t.

  8. 5minutes says:

    Concern about the other side?

    I’ll take “Things You Were Never Concerned With As Hollywood Pumped Out Dozens of Leftist Films” for $100, Alex.

  9. Miguel says:

    Predictably, the reviewer has nothing to say pertaining to the quality of the filmmaking or its content other than “it’s a piece of $%it”.

  10. Steven Millan says:

    Whether anyone’s politics are on the left,the right,or in the middle,this absolute sad sack of a film(which is what this upcoming disasterpiece looks like) will just wisely be ignored as every movie fan will just stand by,watching it wither away and blow straight into the wind(just like the similar far right wing feature AMERIGEDDON did).

    • QR says:

      ***Unprepared, Angry, Ignorant, Guessing, Leftist***. Watch the movie, read books, do your homework. Then ask the adults if you can chime in.

  11. spud p mann says:

    All you have done is prove your political bias. It is obvious that you really are not a reviewer to take seriously anyway. Film Threat????? Give us a break and go live with your ancestors in communist China. I have not even seen this movie or will I but it is obvious that you are biased to begin with before you even say it. It is no wonder that no one really knows who you are.

  12. Sonnie B says:

    Oh so biased like CNN and the liberal media? 😀

  13. Psalm says:

    So you comment on the storyline and not the acting , directing or cinematography ? To be expected I suppose….

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