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My Own Normal

By Bobby LePire | May 6, 2024

Alexander Freeman, a filmmaker with cerebral palsy, brings a unique and inspiring perspective to the documentary My Own Normal. As the director, co-writer, producer, and subject of the movie, Freeman’s personal journey and his lifelong passion for cinema are intricately woven into the narrative, making it a compelling watch.

Freeman’s life took a beautiful turn when he met his one true love, Orina Umansky, at a film festival. Their instant connection was undeniable. Not long into their relationship, Umansky discovers she’s pregnant. After thoughtful consideration, the two decide to keep the baby, who will be named Maya when she’s born. This is a story of love, courage, and the power of family.

“…Umansky discovers she’s pregnant. After thoughtful consideration, the two decide to keep the baby…”

My Own Normal is not just a documentary, it’s a powerful tool that challenges preconceived notions. Through methodical pacing and layered story structure, Freeman showcases his abilities and addresses the challenges that come his way. The documentary excels at highlighting the capabilities of a person with cerebral palsy, offering a fresh and fascinating perspective.

But the present drama is absorbing. Freeman’s parents were not initially on board with the pregnancy as they’ve had to watch their son struggle for so long. They were concerned that Umansky might up and leave or do this or that thing to break his heart. But seeing Freeman and Umansky interact for a minute is to see true love.

My Own Normal is a gripping exploration of the challenges of new parenthood, heightened by the complexities of Freeman’s diagnosis. As a filmmaker, he masterfully unveils crucial details to amplify the emotional tension. This is a true-to-life portrayal that immerses the viewer in the protagonist’s world. In this regard, it stands out from the rest, and is a must-watch for its unique perspective.

My Own Normal (2024)

Directed: Alexander Freeman

Written: Alexander Freeman, Michaelle McGaraghan

Starring: Alexander Freeman, Orina Umansky Freeman, etc.

Movie score: 8.5/10

My Own Normal Image

"…a gripping exploration of the challenges of new parenthood..."

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