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While it is an issue that he has had some success in negotiating, there is a much harder problem facing his noble intentions. Years of the habit of going outside have made trying to convince people to go in a toilet all that much more difficult. Sim uses his humor and charm to win people over and has much success.

While I often discuss wanting to like the leads in any given film, I don’t mean that I want to be their friends or hang out with these fictional people. No, I just mean that I should be able to relate and empathize with them, even if they are criminals or some such. But in the case of Mr. Toilet himself, I really do want to meet him and become his friend. Sim, while having no problems admitting his flaws, is a sweet-natured, hilarious person. He is genuine and loves chatting to everyone. That is my idea of a fantastic person who I want to be best buddies with. He is Mr. Toilet‘s secret weapon, and that says a lot given how brilliantly the film is mounted.

“… is titled Mr. Toilet: The World’s # 2 Man. As such, let’s all have one good, hearty immature laugh…”

Lily Zepeda makes her directing, writing (along with Hee-Jae Park, Tchavdar Georgiev, and Monique Zavistovski), and producing debut with Mr. Toilet and she knocks it out of the park. The film mixes animated segments, archival footage, talking heads, and education all into one seamless, fun concoction. The film zips by and hits the viewer with a ton of information, but it never talks down to them. Instead, it teaches and informs, hoping to move the audience to take action. This is also known as something all great documentaries about a social issue should do.

Mr. Toilet: The World’s # 2 Man is an informative and fun documentary. I know that it sounds like an odd choice of words, given its subject matter, but it really is something special. Its central figure of Jack Sim is an amazing person, with a large warm heart and a drive to better the world. This is the best documentary of the year, bar none.

Mr. Toilet: The World's # 2 Man (2019)

Directed: Lily Zepeda

Written: Lily Zepeda, Tchavdar Georgiev, Hee-Jae Park, Monique Zavistovski

Starring: Jack Sim, etc.

Movie score: 10/10

Mr. Toilet: The World's # 2 Man Image

"…it teaches and informs, hoping to move the audience to take action."

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