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Model House

By Jordan Bond | April 9, 2024

Writer/director Derek Pike takes audiences on an exciting ride with a handful of scantily clad women in the thriller Model House. Five 20-something, social media-influencing swimsuit models stay overnight together under one roof. It is a dream come true for some and a nightmare turned reality for others. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

After a car accident befalls a popular influencer, Zoe (Cory Anne Roberts), a young and upcoming social media influencer, is given a spot in the model house. The reception from Nadia (Kyra Santoro) and the other models is welcoming, given the sudden demise of the previous occupant. Zoe is awkward, very awkward, and she’s aware of this. But her desire to be a model pushes her forward. That evening, with all the models back at the house after a number of photo shoots, things get a little crazy. The models pile into a hot tub, alcoholic drinks flow, and each girl crafts content for their social media profiles.

Late into the night, the fun and games come to a screeching halt when two mask-wearing attackers break in, restrain the girls, and confiscate their beloved cell phones at gunpoint. Who are these invaders? Could it be the estranged boyfriend who showed up earlier unannounced? Or the next-door neighbor complaining about the noise? More importantly, what do they want?

“… two mask-wearing attackers break in, restrain the girls, and confiscate their beloved cell phones…”

Model House is a fun, gory flick reminiscent of 1980s slashers like Friday the 13th. Imagine a mashup of that, The Strangers, and Jennifer’s Body. Does it lean into some common genre tropes? Yeah, but at least they are fun tropes. I came into this expecting more gore and nudity than there really was. Depending on the viewer, that could be good or bad.

The acting is all over the place, and that can be attributed mainly to the dialogue. Sometimes, the script leans into an over-the-top stereotype of the typical Instagram model. Slang phrases like “AF” and “BTW” get tossed around. The girls are keen on fresh content and more suggestive photos/videos to catch online attention. A moment where one of the girls attempts a twerk video to entice her followers ends in a laughable disaster. Scenes like this poke fun at the girls, and it works well.

Other times, the acting is surprisingly strong and has some depth. There are more serious moments along the way as the tension builds between the models and their captors. Especially great are the moments Zoe and Nadia take time to consider their self-worth and what they really want in life.

The thriller aspect of Model House is, even for being self-aware, pretty straightforward. A couple breaks in wearing masks, hold the girls hostage, and a game of cat-and-mouse plays out. My guess at the start regarding who would live or die was correct. While there were no surprises, this is still a fun ride to take.

Model House (2024)

Directed and Written: Derek Pike

Starring: Cory Anne-Roberts, Scout Taylor-Compton, Ryan Merriman, Kyra Santoro, Chris Zylka, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Model House Image

"…a fun ride..."

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