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By Josiah Teal | June 9, 2020

Mnemophrenic is used to describe a person who experiences the coexistence of real and false memories within their consciousness. In Eirini Konstantinidou’s dramatic science fiction tale, Mnemophrenia explores this concept by weaving in and out of four interconnected stories. Each of these stories centers on how new virtual reality technology changes the way humans connect to each other. It spans three generations of mnemophrenics, all asking the same question: is it real even if it’s all in your mind?

Beginning in the not too distant future, Mnemophrenia takes a Memento-esque approach to introduce characters and story arcs. Themes are strewn throughout the three entangled stories via flashbacks and flash-forwards. First, there is Jeanette (Freya Berry), who attends a support group for those with Mnemophrenia. She vividly recalls a summer of love, when was she 18 or so, with a man named Douglas (Tim Seyfert). But it never occurred.

“…centers on how new virtual reality technology changes the way humans connect to each other.”

Next, we follow her grown grandson is Nicholas (Robin King), and his work at the VR tech company Total Cinema. Jumping years ahead again, the film picks up with Nicholas’s grandaughter, Robyin (Tallulah Sheffield), and her husband, Charlie (Robert Milton Wallace). She is re-living her ancestors’ lives, learning their experiences at the genesis of VR.

As the story progresses, we discover that the majority of the population deals with some form of Mnemophrenia and that most resist it. However, each of our characters seeks to study it and views it as a positive part of who they are. Konstantinidou conveys this through creative tools of cinema – filming two of the three stories (Jeanette and Robyin’s) in an entirely POV style while shooting Nick’s story from the security cameras in his lab. This seamlessly transports viewers into the world of Mnemophrenia, as you are always seeing what Robin experiences through her eyes or her virtual reality experiences.

Mnemophrenia (2020)

Directed: Eirini Konstantinidou

Written: Eirini Konstantinidou, Robin King

Starring: Freya Berry, Robin King, Tim Seyfert, Tallulah Sheffield, Jamie Laird, Robert Milton Wallace, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Mnemophrenia Image

"…an introspective study of memory and technology."

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  1. Diana Teal says:

    Great review! Sounds interesting. I think I’ll watch it. 😊

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