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Mindful Dating

By Alan Ng | August 17, 2021

Dating is the ultimate job interview, and like most jobs, one must be qualified to land the position. In Julie DeStefano’s short film, Mindful Dating, Brandon (Chris Goodwin) tries to win the boyfriend job and capture Jessica’s (Kristina Horan) affections.

Our story opens at a quiant diner as Brandon and Jessica meet after connecting on a dating app. As the date commences, we immediately dive into Jessica’s psyche featuring a board room where the personifications of Practicality (Mary Hronicek), Commitment (Alyson Muzila), Companionship (Susan Wilson), and Attraction (Laura Sacchetti) discuss Brandon’s qualities for partnership.

“Brandon tries to win the boyfriend job and capture Jessica’s affections.”

Right away, a horned-up Attraction is on board with Brandon, but the others have their reservations. The rest discuss areas of common ground and compatibility. They like his adventurous spirit, but not so much his love of sports. Then there are concerns about his job as he is self-employed and running a business that may or may not be a good idea.

Mindful Dating is good fun and has a nice switcheroo punchline at the end. It takes an Inside Out-approach to love and finds humor and insight exploring all that goes into finding that perfect match.

Mindful Dating (2021)

Directed and Written: Julie DeStefano

Starring: Kristina Horan, Chris Goodwin, Mary Hronicek, Alyson Muzila, Susan Wilson, Laura Sacchetti, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Mindful Dating Image

"…takes an Inside Out-approach to love..."

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